Facilities :

Classroom Facilities :

  • Our Classrooms are well Air-conditioned classrooms with proper electrical Facilities
  • Our classrooms are well equipped with various teaching Aids like Audio, Video, LCD used in the learning process.
  • Classroom training consists of Basic Fundamentals of Theoretical and Practical Learnings including case studies, quizzes, Mock examination, and Students Presentation.

Virtual Classrooms and E-learning :

  • The virtual classroom facility is provided for expert lectures, interaction with renowned faculty
  • Our Virtual E learning Environment gives you greater flexibility in the way you study. Featuring access to a wide range of Programme materials Including Text, Graphics, Audio and Video.

Industrial Trainings :

  • Industrial Practical Training Programmes allows students to relate theoretical knowledge with its applications in the industry.
  • Enable students to acquire new skills by trying their hands on machines and equipments related to their courses of study.
  • To enhance the Employability skills of students
  • To develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers.

Course Curriculum :

  • Our All Courses Curriculum designed to meet the latest industrial standards.
  • The Course curriculum is designed considering key and emerging technologies.

Placements :

  • We provide Career Guidance and Placement Opportunities for all students.
  • We provide a platform for students seeking recruitments to interact with possible recruiters on the campus
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